Sunday, May 20, 2018

Kroger Brand "Simple Truth" Is Not Always Organic

Hi guys,
Just recently I discovered that the Kroger Brand, "Simple Truth", isn't always organic. Unfortunately for me and my family, I thought everything they made was organic. But I was wrong. It's probably because their logos are almost identical and so is the packaging.

Just take a look at their organic Logo vs their natural/semi-organic/who-the-heck-knows label:
These are Simple Truth brand Walnuts (halves and pieces). The one on the left is organic and the one on the right is not. To further confuse things they add that little lime green bar at the bottom of the non-organic product.  For some reason I've come to associate this color with organic food. This probably isn't very fair to add this as part of my gripe though. Because, even though it's used so often in organic products, there is no "rule" that says lime-green is an organic product only color.
But do you know what else isn't fair? The similarities between their organic and non-organic logos. 
I would call it brand confusion, but it's technically the same brand...what would we call it? organic-confusion?
Here's another example...two white cheddar macaroni and cheese boxes. Both next to each other on the aisle and both very similar in almost every way.
Same with the crackers....Ugh! They sit right next to each other!
Here's an example from the frozen aisle.
and from the breakfast aisle.

Now you know. If you're out shopping at any of Kroger's fine stores and you happen to want organic Simple Truth products, pay close attention to the logo.

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