Saturday, July 12, 2014

Shopkins Review They Magically Work Well With Every Doll

Shopkins are some of the cutest little toys to hit the market recently. They have everything a 21st toy lover wants in a toy line: Absolutely adorable little figures, a great website, and webisodes! What I love most is that they seem to magically work well with every doll size.

If you haven't visited the Shopkins website yet, you really should. If you look along the edges of the website, you'll see little coins falling. Your pointer icon becomes a purse that can catch the coins and a running tally is kept at the top of the right hand corner. There's no word on what (if anything) you can buy with these Shopkins dollars, but maybe that will come later. It looks like the website is still adding features.

These are a lot like squinkies but with a shopping theme and webisodes. And the shopping theme is where the Shopkins toys shine! Everyone wants their dolls to shop. Shopkins gives kids (and kids at heart) the cutest little lipsticks, donuts and everything in between to shop for. Best of all they seem to be the perfect size for every doll. They work just as well in the hands of an American Girl doll as they do in the hands of a Monster High or Barbie doll.

To be honest, I'm not very interested in the webisodes right now. Maybe that will change, I'll keep watching. But, I really love how cute they are and I can't wait to collect them all!

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